Common Enemy

by Disservice

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released June 18, 2015

written and recorded by Austin Kelly
lyrics by Jimmy Beasley



all rights reserved


Disservice Flagstaff, Arizona

4 Piece Hardcore band from Flagstaff Arizona
Jimmy Beasley - Vocals
Austin Kelly - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Brad Fernandez - Bass
Jake Tingley - Drums

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Track Name: Conspire
I can't stand the look of the world today
Reflection of a broken mirror
An image I can't seem to tear away
Gritting my teeth, forced to face the day
Mental condition in a state of decay
Filth of the world, put up on display

Come see the fool, a sort of novelty
The world watches, full of hypocrisy
Faces, equally as empty and devoid
A hollow shell begging for sovereignty

Raked through the mud against ones own desires
The lifeless continue to conspire
When you look at all of the worlds atrocities
It's nothing but a reflection of you and me

A malleable world waiting to be controlled
While the truth, fights to stay untold
You think it's all under control in your sobriety
When you're just another product of society

For every war that is fought, and every bomb that is dropped
It's all done to meet the ends you create
For every well run dry, or every innocent that dies
If that were you, there would be no compromise

There should never be compromise
You should never apologize
Mental condition in a state of decay
Filth of the world, put up on display
Track Name: No Other Option
You live a miserable life with nothing to show for it
You carry an attitude that shows you don't know how to take the hit
Of realizing that you live on the outside with the world shut out
So you can just keep quiet instead of running your mouth
Hide your own face, because i won't hide mine
and we both know, there won't be a next time
Fight your own battles, we know what you're about
This time we are calling you out
Don't let your guard down, and proceed with caution
You have left us no other option
Track Name: Think Twice
I'm so fucking tired of being told I'm wrong
A generation curse that lasts lifelong
All our hopes lie dead, as we dig up the dirt
cause all of our dreams are as good as gone

Point the blame at the youth
But history knows the truth
you kept going, grinding the gears
You fucked us over, throughout the years

Welcome to, your early grave
Ours will be the only sacrifice made
They turn their heads, and don't even think twice
For their mistakes, we pay the price

A disaster, 50 years in the making
A generation, being forsaken
They turn their heads, and don't even think twice
For their mistakes, we pay the price
Track Name: Deaf Ears
A population, railroaded into a life of fear
Where the only options are die or adhere
Borne without an image, shaped by society
Leaving no room left for our humanity
Through all the propaganda the truth is never clear
After the slander, it only falls on deaf ears

Misleading, forced into dichotomy
With the illusion of there being duality
False prophets of truth hiding obscenity
Just to gain their position of supremacy
To them, the only true language is that of currency
Nothing but another mean to assert their authority
Modern day brainwashing, blind obedience
Deceiving you to give them your allegiance

Everything disguised under the banner of freedom
Where any act of resistance is an act of treason
Land of the opprossed, home of the enslaved
A world where human rights are depraved
Track Name: Self-Made Prison
Every day brings more and more change
Slowly defacing, lowering to depths I've never before seen
Self spoken defamatory thoughts
My inner evils, clawing to get out
I'm not the same as i was years ago
Turned more into everything that i learned to hate
Conflict to resist or accept this revision

Rejection of my upbringing, breeds hate toward my past
What once was accepted now hidden inside
My self fulfilling tragedy, resurfaced
No turning back, no reshaping what is done
My soul has been tainted, I've been left with none
Gripped by these vices, held in contempt
Self made prison keeping me in resent

Acceptance is hard, my whole world is torn apart
I'm choking on this change, and i'm dwelling in the pain
This reflection of myself, burning in this fucking hell
Track Name: Degradation
i can't stand to stay around here any more
The slow degradation of this place I called home
You're either lost in the crowd or you're six feet down
Times a constant punishment to this place
A harsh reality I have to face
Day after day more dead end lives
A mental prison where you fight to survive
No one survives

It's hard to watch
I can't bear to see
The place where I used to live dissolve into obscurity
Nobody wants to admit to the disaster
But every time I return the regret comes faster

Turn from my home
Can't change the past
Nothing left for me here
If I don't leave I will soon be the last

You're either lost in the crowd or you're six feet down
Track Name: Strict Minority
Make yourself susceptible to an escape from reality
Inability to confront existence separates the strong from the weak
The never ending pressure of the social stigma weighing down on the conscience
Fight or flight, you either resist or or you embrace the escape
We bury our stress, and we hide the shame while we run around trying to win their game
Instead of fighting back, trying to subvert, we pretend to rebel and feed our hurt
A society of slaves, masked in the image of pseudo revolutionaries
To partake is to perpetuate, you will die as you lived
A strict minority drowned in a crowd of submission
Overwhelmed by the false optimism
Reap your own benefits
Track Name: Common Enemy
Hypocrite, symbol of dishonesty
Distant , uncaring , undeserving of amnesty
No longer divided
Stand together and see
We fight together
Share a common enemy

We used to be on the same side
Until we all started to see through your lies
Two-facing everybody, hiding away from from the truth
One by one we all started to realize
That when this was over, there would be no compromise
Go try to bury your shame

There is no way out, of this hole you have dug yourself into
There is no way out, without facing what you have caused

We are no longer on the same side
Word has spread, everyone knows of your lies
No more deception, no more hiding behind your friends
It is time to tie up these loose ends
Nobody left to answer your cries

This is how it ends to no ones surprise
just another fuck up slowly on decline
We gave you a chance and you stepped aside
So now you're finished, learn to swallow your pride

You doubted us, undermined our ability
And now you're feeling the strength of our hostility
One of you, against an entire scene
This aggression, you should have foreseen